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Net-a-Go Technology Company Limited

For the Interim Period, the Group was principally engaged in four operating segments, (i)environmental maintenance business, (ii) property leasing business, (iii) securities trading business and (iv) medical devices business. The Company and its subsidiaries recorded a revenue of approximately HK$138,913,000, compared to a revenue of approximately

HK$158,099,000 for the six month period ended 30 June 2021 (the “Corresponding Period”). Profit attributable to the equity holders of the Company was approximately HK$7,404,000 for the Interim Period (Corresponding period: HK$22,846,000). The decrease in profit attributable to the equity holders of the Company was primarily due to the following factors:
(i) For the six months ended 30 June 2021, there was a relief related to value-added-tax (the “VAT Relief”) granted by the local government in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the amount of approximately HK$2.5million. There were no such kind of relief granted by the local government in the PRCduring the Interim Period;
(ii) Decrease in revenue from the Group’s environmental maintenance business in the amount of approximately HK$24.7 million during the Interim Period, representing a decrease of approximately 15.8% as compared with the corresponding Period, as certain
environmental maintenance service contracts were completed and did not renew during the year of 2021; and
(iii) The absence of gain on disposal of financial assets at fair value through profit and loss during the Interim Period. For the corresponding Period, the Group recorded gain on disposal of financial assets at fair value through profit and loss in the amount of HK$17.8 million.

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Environmental maintenance business

The environmental maintenance business is headquartered in Chengdu, and is penetrating ...

Property leasing business

During the Year, the Group recorded a rental income of ...

Securities trading business

The Board is of the view that reasonable and effective use of temporary idle funds can ...

Medical Devices Business

The Group starts to engage in the medical devices business after the completion of acquisition of medical devices business on 31 May 2022. The pen injector from the Company’s medical devices business is categorized as a Class II medical devices in China and has obtained the relevant certification approved by the National Medical Products Administration (“NMPA”).
The Company was granted with the International Organisation for Standardisation 13485
(“ISO 13485”) Certificate for meeting the regulatory requirements of the design, development and production of pen injector and has obtained the CE Full Quality Assurance System
Certificate (“CE marking”) for its pen injector for complying the product safety requirement
across Europe.

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